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5 Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding


Getting married can be one of the most incredible days of anyone’s life–but it can come with many stressors. After couples become engaged (congratulations!), most immediately begin to think about the next steps: the wedding and marriage. This can make the wedding itself feel like a hurdle between you and your happily ever after. Rest assured, your wedding can still be the greatest and most joyful day of your life if you keep in mind the five things below to consider when planning a wedding. 


One of the critical things to remember when planning your wedding is how much you and your partner are willing to invest and spend on your wedding alone. After all, your wedding–just like your marriage–will be an investment. You are investing in memories for both you and your loved ones, but this doesn’t have to mean spending your entire salary and life savings. Some couples prefer to save as much money as possible for their future married lives or a honeymoon instead of one event. In contrast, others prefer to budget their money to make their wedding the best and most memorable night of their lives. 

How much you can spend depends on many factors, including how much you would like to pay, your yearly salaries combined, if you can take out a loan, or if you’ll have monetary support from your family. Of note, an average wedding in 2024 costs about $30,000–talk about an investment! Of course, you don’t need to spend this much money (DIY exists for a reason!), but the high cost of living and the high cost of goods and services are important factors to keep in mind. 

Wedding Size

A contributing factor to your wedding budget is how many people you would like to attend your wedding; this includes both wedding guests and the wedding party. The number of guests you’ll have will affect every other aspect of your wedding: how large the venue will be and thus how many florals you will need, where the ceremony can be held, what wedding package you select from your caterer, how many invitations you will need to order, and so on. Determining your guest list will also help you choose the remaining wedding factors. It’s essential to keep in mind, too, that the number you estimate won’t be exact until much closer to your wedding: some guests may not be able to attend, some may forget to RSVP, and some–let’s hope not!–may bring extra, unwanted plus ones that they were not allotted. 

Wedding Party

While knowing how many guests will attend your wedding is essential, knowing how many people will be at your wedding party is also important. Your wedding party will (hopefully!) be made up of your nearest and dearest: those friends and family who can help you take care of the many responsibilities of planning a wedding. They will be able to help with wedding planning to a certain extent, but wedding parties can also come with their own costs. In some cases, the engaged couple may be expected to pay for the wedding party’s wedding attire and other expected necessities such as hotels. Some engaged couples forego this and instead create a gift box when asking members of their wedding party to participate. 

You do not need to purchase costly gifts for this or even provide this gift box, but it is essential to remember that asking someone to be part of your wedding party is a big commitment of their time, money, and effort. Depending on if you’re going to have a bachelor or bachelorette party, these trips can also be out of budget for you or members of your wedding party. Although you may want everything you’ve ever wanted for your wedding and the events leading up to it, it’s also critical to be considerate of those you’re asking to share your big day and make it the best it can be.  

Guests and Invitations

Who you invite is crucial, but so is the minor detail of actually inviting them! Invitations can be pricey, but there are budget-friendly options like making them yourself or going for something simple. However, remember how many physical invitations you will need, too. This includes the invitations themselves, the envelopes, and stamps. Keep in mind, too, that there are separate and specific wedding stamps you can purchase from the U.S. Post Office. You can always go the non-traditional route and send e-vites, saving time and money.

Ceremony and Venue

Another significant consideration when planning your wedding is where it will take place. Your ceremony can occur inside a church, another venue, or even outside! Where you plan to have your wedding ceremony may also change who can or will officiate your wedding. There is always the traditional religious leader, such as rabbis, priests, or imams, or the non-traditional but ever more popular friend or family member who gets ordained to officiate. If you’re hoping for the latter option, you should check the state laws where you will be getting married. In Louisiana, for example, you just need to submit some paperwork! 

Just as important as the ceremony is the afterparty: your reception! Wherever you are holding your reception, you will need a venue to hold just as many people as your ceremony. Occasionally, the venue where your ceremony is held may have event space you can use or rent, while others may require an offsite venue. There are so many options for venue sites: you can have it indoors at a recreational facility, a hotel,  in your parents’ or your own backyard, in one of the many national parks, or even in a library! Depending on your budget and preferences, you can find almost anything–you will just need to book as soon as you have a date planned, as wedding venues can book out years in advance. 

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