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The Best Outdoor Party Venues New Orleans Has To Offer: Planning an Event In The New Orleans Area

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For outdoor party venues New Orleans has so many great options that it can be tough to choose the perfect one for your party. As experienced wedding and event caterers, we’ve got the inside track on what makes a good venue and we love to share which ones we recommend.

New Orleans’ character, distinctive music culture, delectable Creole cuisine, and epic parties make it the perfect place for a memorable event. Outdoor event venues are plentiful across the city to host birthdays, anniversaries and other special events, and weddings, and with the right caterer by your side you can plan an outdoor event that flows seamlessly. View our top picks for outdoor wedding and party venues and learn how to pick the best location for your event.

How To Choose The Best Setting for An Outdoor Wedding or Party in New Orleans

Whether or not you have planned an outdoor party before, New Orleans is a truly unique city, and with that comes some additional things to consider beyond the usual venue selection process. Here are some things to keep in mind, from the typical to the more unique:

  1. Weather – While weather is a consideration for any outdoor party, New Orleans can be particularly hot and humid, so you’ll definitely want to look for a space with shade. Also, remember that this city can be quite rainy. Tent rentals can be a good option if you are concerned about weather conditions for your event, and your venue can provide guidance about the appropriate size and location for the space. Since not all venues have a usable indoor kitchen, your caterer will also let you know if they will need a tent to set up an outdoor kitchen. If you are working with a professional event planner, they will be able to help you coordinate details like these.
  2. Noise restrictions – Even in this city famous for jazz, many New Orleans neighborhoods limit noise and live music outdoors. Check local ordinances or ask your venue directly about this, as they should be aware of the restrictions.
  3. Parking – Ask about whether your intended venue has adequate parking for guests or will you need to arrange transportation? Street parking can sometimes be hard to find in downtown New Orleans.
  4. Ambiance – Consider how the surrounding architecture and environment suit your vision for your event. Even the most beautiful and charming venue needs to fit your party’s level of formality and theme.
  5. Amenities – When planning a party it’s always important to know what the venue has in terms of lighting, power outlets, etc. to support the number of people you have attending and the activities you plan to do.
  6. Kitchen access – Does your venue have somewhere to get food ready to serve? Your venue and your caterer should be able to coordinate about what kind of preparation facilities are available.
  7. Refrigeration – Even if there isn’t a full commercial kitchen on site, is there a fridge to keep your food cold until it’s ready to serve? This is another issue that a professional caterer and a reputable venue should be able to solve.
  8. Serving space -What kind of space is available for serving food? Do you need to rent furniture, including tables and chairs?
  9. Garbage and other cleanup – It’s not very glamorous, but being aware of requirements and facilities for cleaning up after your event are important, particularly for an outdoor venue that needs to be kept litter-free.

These are all good ideas for questions to ask the staff at the venues that interest you before booking. It’s important to have a good sense of the details of hosting an outdoor event at a particular venue, rather than getting swept up in the beauty of the place.

How Your Caterer Can Help You With Venue Selection

Another great place to start figuring out what venue is best for your outdoor event in New Orleans is by discussing your plans with your caterer. In addition to helping you pick out the right wedding catering package or party menu, our familiarity with venues we have worked with in the past can be a big advantage in figuring out what your events needs. Here are some of our favorite venues for outdoor events in New Orleans.

Derbès Mansion: For an Elegant Event

Those looking for classic Southern charm for an elevated event will love a venue like the Derbès Mansion. This historic home boasts a 33,000 square foot garden that features oaks and sycamores that make a perfect backdrop for photos of your event. The mansion itself dates back to the 1850s and has been restored with great attention to detail, while also featuring conveniences including a catering kitchen, a bar, and wifi access.

Race + Religious

At the other end of the historical spectrum, Race + Religious (named for the streets where it is located) is an early 21st Century home turned wedding venue. This iconic New Orleans event space offers outdoor space with a brick courtyard and a lot of flexibility! You can bring your own caterer and your own bar, and this venue even allows you to select overnight event options if you plan for your guests to be partying late into the night.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

For something offbeat, but still uniquely New Orleans, consider The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. Founded in 1950, this museum is a popular tourist attraction with a mission to preserve the history of medicine and pharmacy in the city. The building dates to the 1820s and its grounds can accommodate weddings and other events, with its courtyard of tropical plants ready to really stand out in your photos. Your guests will have a great time and might even learn some history along the way!

The Mazant

The Mazant is a 1880s Greek Revival mansion that has been turned into a bed and breakfast also serves as a special event and wedding venue. Capable of hosting around 200 guests, this venue features a kitchen, as well as a sound system that is included with your rental fee. This venue is in the Bywater Arts district of New Orleans, relatively near to the French Quarter, convenient for any out-of-town guests who want to explore the city.

Music Box Village

The Music Box Village is one of the most unusual outdoor party venues New Orleans locals and visitors alike find stunning. If you want to host a wedding, birthday party, or even a corporate event that is far off of the beaten path, this is the perfect choice. The architecture of this establishment’s “musical houses” provide an interactive experience, so your guests will be surprised at how much there is to see and do. Additionally, the rustic and artistic surroundings will make for great photos, and your fees support the nonprofit behind the Village, a true win-win.

For a wedding or a corporate event, the venue states that it can accommodate a group of 500, or 200 for a seated dinner. The ability to purchase an audio package, including the services of a sound engineer, means that you will have one less vendor to find in your planning process. The combination of convenience and a unique atmosphere makes the Village a great choice for your outdoor event in New Orleans.

Margaret Place

Margaret Place is a charming and luxurious hotel in downtown New Orleans. The building is a historic home that has received modern updates that allow it to balance old-fashioned artistry with the convenience that the up to 14 guests staying in its five rooms expect. Those planning a wedding may be interested to know that one of these rooms is a bridal suite, perfect for relaxing before your big day. If you or your party attendees choose to stay here, you will be close to the beautiful Lower Garden District, and have easy access to the famous World War II Museum, while also having only a short trip to the French Quarter and many other New Orleans points of interest.

As an outdoor party venue, Margaret Place offers a beautiful setting with many event-ready features, including a gorgeous professional kitchen, a highly advanced audio system, and the ability to bring your own caterer for both food and bar. Their elegant courtyard makes the perfect event setting, and indoor-outdoor events are allowed, so you won’t be constrained to just the outdoor space throughout your party or wedding. The venue hosts events with 80-230 guests and allows you to book weddings on the weekend to begin at 5 pm.

Outdoor Party Venues New Orleans Guests Will Love

As caterers, of course we’re going to take into account a great place to enjoy food and drink, but we know that the right venue for your event goes beyond that as well. We want our clients’ guests to experience the very best New Orleans can provide, when it comes to atmosphere, comfort, service, and more. Since we have experienced helping our clients with parties, weddings, and other events across the city, we are happy to share our thoughts on some of the best outdoor party venues New Orleans has to offer.

Start Planning Your Event at One of the Many Gorgeous Outdoor Party Venues New Orleans Offers With Elysian Events Catering

With these venue recommendations in mind, you can organize an outdoor party for the ages in New Orleans with Elysian Events Catering. Our professional experience, impeccable attention to detail, and of course, delicious food, make us the best choice for any New Orleans event. From locally sourced seafood, soul food, small bites, and everything in between, we’re the NOLA event caterer ready with fresh, approachable dishes your guests will love. We pride ourselves on delivering traditional New Orleans dishes with a modern twist. Contact us by calling (504) 541-0091 or send us a message online.

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