Oysters on ice on New Orleans balcony

Why is Locally-Sourced Seafood Better?


The United States imports an estimated 80% of its seafood, according to NOAA Fisheries. While we can all appreciate the enhanced flavor and quality of fresh, rather than frozen, seafood, there’s much more to appreciate about locally sourced seafood than simply tasting like the real thing. Learn why consumers should choose local seafood over imported options to benefit both their health and the environment.

Reduces Your Meal’s Carbon Footprint

In and of itself, seafood—whether wild-caught or farm-raised—poses less of a risk to the country’s already-climbing greenhouse gas emissions than traditional, land-based farms. Food production accounts for over half of a meal’s carbon footprint. With this in mind, it’s important to note that while consuming seafood instead of meat is less threatening to our environment’s biodiversity, locally sourced seafood doesn’t have to travel as far as imported seafood and supports the area’s commercial fishing industry.

Protects the Ocean

Though the world’s oceans are vast and seemingly plentiful, overfishing is a global biodiversity issue. Certain fish populations have steadily declined over the years to meet the demand for salmon, shrimp, oysters, and other popular types of seafood. Purchasing seafood that is sustainable and locally sourced can help address the overfishing issue plaguing the oceans.

Supports the Local Economy

A significant portion of the seafood caught by U.S. fishermen is shipped overseas for processing and reimported back to the United States for sale and distribution. Locally sourced seafood travels through a shorter supply chain, which means it takes fewer stops between the water and your plate. Local fishers who supply seafood to local consumers or businesses can more easily share when and where they caught the seafood. This helps people who are looking to purchase seafood gauge how fresh it is.

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