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5 Tips to Avoid Going Over Your Wedding Budget in New Orleans

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Across borders, religions, and cultures, there are literally thousands of ways to celebrate a wedding.

It’s Norwegian tradition for the bride to wear a crown to deflect evil spirits on her special day.

Guatemalan tradition requires the groom’s mother to break a white ceramic bell filled with grains during the wedding reception to ensure the couple lives a prosperous life together.

And in New Orleans, a lifetime of love is typically celebrated with a large gathering full of family, friends, music, food, and plenty of drinks.

Contrary to popular belief, couples can still celebrate their love without breaking the bank on their wedding day. All that’s needed is some research and tips from a trusted source.

Schedule Your Wedding on a Friday or Sunday

You can save money when you book your wedding on a Friday night or Sunday evening instead of a Saturday.

While this is less traditional, some venues offer a reduced rate on rental fees when you schedule your wedding on less busy days.

Pro tip: Try scheduling your ceremony on the Sunday of a three-day weekend, like MLK Day or Memorial Day, so guests can dance the night away and still have the next day off.

Host Your Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue

One of the easiest ways you can save money on your big day is to have your ceremony and reception at the same venue. Besides the obvious cost savings of not renting out two different places, this also allows you to save on transportation and flowers.

Having everything in one place can also take some of the stress off of you. You won’t have to worry about arriving at the reception on time after your ceremony, guests finding their way to the next venue, or misplacing or leaving anything behind.

Keep Your Invite List Short

There’s no need to invite your third cousin that you haven’t spoken to in five years. Keep your event intimate and only invite people who you and your spouse have a consistent relationship with.

Don’t focus on who might get their feelings hurt because they didn’t make the invite list. Remember, this is your day and should be celebrated as such.

Buy Wholesale Flowers

Make your wedding day as unique as your love by buying wholesale flowers and creating your own arrangements.

You could even make it part of your celebration by getting your wedding party together to help out. Add a few bottles of wine and maybe even an assortment of cheeses, and you’ve got free labor and a way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Utilize Wedding Catering Packages in New Orleans

Purchasing wedding catering packages can help ensure you have all the food and drinks you need at an affordable price.

Buying food and drinks from separate vendors and then hiring another group to serve and pick up after guests can get expensive fast.

Additionally, when you hire a professional catering service, you can feel comfortable knowing you are serving your guests the highest quality products. This is especially important for a New Orleans wedding where guests will be expecting top-of-the-line food and service.

Elysian Events Catering Offers Wedding Packages and Custom Menus

The first wedding Elysian Events Catering owners Jen and Brandon ever catered was their own in the fall of 2013. Since then, they have put their lifelong experience of working in restaurants and hospitality into making other people’s weddings as special as their own.

From delicious raw bar options like wild Gulf oysters to grazeable fare like their Cajun Charcuterie Board, Elysian Events Catering can craft an extraordinary menu for your special day.

Fill out our online form to learn more about our wedding catering packages in New Orleans.

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